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Freeze Up Repair Service Loveladies, New Jersey

It happens every Loveladies, NJ winter. Your heating system fails or prolonged cold weather results in frozen waterlines or drains. As much as we know about what to do to protect our homes and apartments, sometimes we just forget. The problem is your home will most likely flood during the coldest time of the year.
Barnegat Light Plumbing & Builders has utilizes the latest pipe thawing equipment and technology. We can often thaw frozen pipes without damaging finished services or structure. Barnegat Light Plumbing & Builders offers 24 hour emergence service to help you with you winter freeze-up problems in Loveladies, NJ.

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Barnegat Light Plumbing & Builders Freeze Up Repair Service Loveladies, New Jersey

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Freeze Up Repair Service Loveladies, New Jersey
Arrived At House To Repair Leak Under Kitchen Sink. Checked Out Kitchen Sink Drain And Found S-trap In Need Of Replacement. Attempted To Remove The Trap Assembly But All Connections Were Completely Corroded And Were Unable To Disassemble Trap Assembly As All Connections Were So Old And Cordoned That All The Trap Nuts Would Not Turn. Finally Had To Cut Out Old Dishwasher Tailpiece And J-bend. Had Extreme Difficulty To Remove Section Of S-trap Where It Connects To Drain At Very Bottom Of Cabinet As Nut Could Not Be Removed And Was Corroded Into Main Drain. Finally Had Cut And Chisel Out Drain Nut And Section Of Trap, At The Same Time Making Sure Main Drain Did Not Get Damaged Below Kitchen Cabinet. We Were Finally Able To Remove All Sections Of Old S-trap And Dishwasher Tailpiece. Cleaned Out Main Drain And Installed New S-trap, Bell Escutcheon And Dishwasher Tailpiece. Tied I Dishwasher Drain To New Tailpiece With Dishwasher Adapter. Once Completed Filled Sink With Water Several Times To Test Drain And All New Connections For Leaks And Sink Now Drains And Is Free Of Leaks.
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